What do you call a person who cuts trees?

Logging is the process of cutting down trees, an element of the logging task. The person who cuts down the trees is a feller. People who cut down trees are called arbolists. They are also known by the names of tree surgeon or tree doctor.

Arbolists also perform a number of other tasks besides cutting down trees, such as tree pruning, risk assessments, tree inspections, and arborist reports. Professionals who cut down trees are called loggers. These are the people who cut wood to get wood. Other people include tree pruning experts who prune trees by cutting down parts of trees.

Some are just ordinary people who cut down trees in their backyard because it's falling down. Can you arrest a tree feller for an arboreal son? Finding someone who cuts trees near you is as easy as searching for “tree services + your city. An example of this is tree cover, cutting or hatting, where entire tree crowns or main stems are removed, usually by transversal cutting of the main stem or stems, leaving large unsightly stems. When personal safety is an issue, or when the tree is being removed, arborists can use “spikes” (also known as “gaffs” or “spurs”) tied to their chainsaw boots with straps to ascend and work.

Most arborists, 95% or more, run suburban tree service companies that prune and cut down trees in residents' yards.