What equipment is needed for tree climbing?

Some of the most important things for serious climbing include a harness, carabiners, rope, flipline and spikes. The equipment needed may depend on the type of tree climbing, but this equipment is almost always necessary for big climbs. All climbers and everyone under the climbing tree must wear a helmet at all times. The obvious thing is that helmets protect the climber and people on the ground from falling objects, such as falling equipment or dead branches that break.

Any object that falls can fall into unpredictable places as it bounces off other branches as it descends. It takes a little more skill to place it on the tree and take it apart, but it allows climbers to install a recoverable anchor point that can be wrapped around a log.


boots may have additional grip on the toe of the boots, additional protection, carabiner loops and other features that make them more suitable for climbing trees. In other words, you can use it to shorten or lengthen your flipline according to your needs during your tree climbing adventure.

If you drop one of the parts of a more advanced system on the tree without having a spare part, it could be embarrassing (if not dangerous) if not familiar with the traditional system. Quick release buckles, a suspension seat and a padded belt are other factors to consider in your tree-climbing harness. But before we explore the necessary equipment, let's first look at what it really means to climb trees recreationally. The rule that is usually followed is to include a rope that is twice the height of the tree you intend to climb.

This harness is lightweight, comfortable and allows the greatest freedom of movement and range of motion of any tree climbing harness. Being able to adjust the length of your cord while it is loaded with your weight is crucial to reaching the best position, such as when you are going to make a cut or throw a weight and place it on another section of the tree. Just like you need hiking boots for your hiking adventures, you need tree-climbing boots to keep your feet safe while climbing trees. Whether you're climbing for fun or working with trees, you should always use a bombproof configuration that gives you complete safety hour after hour, climb after climb.

Recreational tree climbing usually differs from what you may have done as a child, climbing trees without safety gear. This harness is a creation of those 3 very intelligent arborists known collectively as the “Treemagineers”.