What is a technical arborist?

Tree consultants are technical experts who diagnose problems with trees, conduct tree assessments, and provide management programs for individuals, businesses, or public agencies. An arborist (or tree surgeon or tree pruner and pruner, as they may sometimes be called) is an arboriculture practitioner. These are professional professionals who can grow, manage, care for and rehabilitate trees and shrubs. There are also foresters who are professionals who specialize in managing an entire forest and can be responsible for harvesting wood, while an arborist specializes in individual trees.

This job advertisement is looking for a person who will work under the technical and general supervision of the Forest and Tree Crew Supervisor and who performs all tasks related to pruning and removing trees on roads, land, parks or other public lands, including thinning, pruning, trimming and cutting branches dead or excess branches of large trees, cut down and cut down trees and remove stumps.