What Does ISA Certification Mean?

The ISA Certification is a voluntary program that tests and certifies your achievement of a professional level of knowledge and skill in the field of arboriculture. As you can see, it means a lot when we talk about having ISA-certified arborists. They are, by definition, the best people you can have working on your plants and trees. A certified arborist is a person trained in the art and science of planting and maintaining individual trees.

International Arboricultural Society certified arborists have a minimum of three years of full-time experience working in the professional tree care industry, follow a code of ethics to ensure the reliability of their work, and have passed an arboriculture exam or have a degree in arboriculture, forestry, landscape architecture or horticulture. Obtaining the certification demonstrates that the arborist is an expert and experienced tree care professional. To become a certified tree arborist, you will need to take the ISA Certified Arborist Exam. The ISA requires three years of experience before allowing you to take the exam, up to two years of which can be replaced by a degree in a relevant field.

Read the ISA Certification section in the previous article for more information on how to obtain arborist certification. An ISA arborist certification is a voluntary, non-governmental process by which people can document their knowledge base. Certification provides a measurable assessment of a person's knowledge of the competencies necessary for proper tree care. Becoming an ISA-certified arborist is a voluntary process through which people can measure the knowledge and competence needed to provide proper tree care.

The ISA certification is not sponsored or endorsed by the government. It is managed by the International Society of Arboriculture as a way for tree care professionals to demonstrate their commitment to the profession and industry. An ISA certification indicates that an arborist has knowledge of various subjects and arboriculture. With certification, they can treat trees for diseases and pests and supervise storm and emergency clearance.

Trained to be safe and follow a code of ethics, an ISA-certified arborist provides the high-quality care that best fits your garden. While certain tasks can be delegated to other tree technicians, it is always best to have an ISA-certified arborist supervise and guide the work being done. An ISA Certified Arborist Utility Specialist has a minimum of 2000 hours of experience over two years in electric utility vegetation management or has worked as a consultant to a utility company, with a minimum of 4,000 hours over a maximum period of 10 years. Another aspect to keep in mind is that some companies advertise that they are arborists, but they do not represent or have the same values as an ISA-certified arborist.

ISA-certified arborists must also adhere to the Code of Ethics, which strengthens their credibility and reliability. To earn an ISA-certified arborist credential, you must be trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of arboriculture. With an ISA-certified arborist, you know you're getting someone with the knowledge and training to make your yard look better than ever. While anyone can technically label themselves as an “arborist”, only tree experts with the right training and qualifications can be called ISA Certified.

Instead, use an ISA-certified arborist who has the education, knowledge, and training to ensure your trees are in good condition now and for years to come. The International Society of Arboriculture program requires vigorous training, educational credits, experience, and testing so that tree professionals can earn the right to call themselves ISA Certified Arborists. If you want the best for your trees and your garden, you need to work with certified tree experts dedicated to getting the job done well and caring for your trees in a professional and experienced manner. Professional recognition: This is the proof: The ISA Certified Arborist designation distinguishes you as someone with the commitment, dedication, and knowledge to succeed.

The International Society for Arboriculture (ISA) offers an Arborist Certification Program (ACP), which includes a 3.5-hour multiple-choice test and 220 questions on soil management, safe working practices, tree biology, pruning, urban forestry, and tree protection, among others. Arborists must maintain their certification by completing 30 continuing education units (CEU) in that time. . .